Rising Moments

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What are “Rising Moments”?  Any positive action you take in memory of your child, large or small.  Sometimes the small victories are the ones that give us the courage to go on.  This can be anything from “I got out of bed and took a shower today” to “I raised $1,000,000 to cure cancer”.  Finding the strength to go on and not only live, but live with hope and joy, is no easy task.  Why not take that next step in memory of your child?  Please comment – our goal is to collect 500 of these “Rising Moments” knowing that they can be a source of inspiration for so many parents searching for help.

11 Comments on “Rising Moments

  1. Beautiful, inspirational, and so very giving Karen. Thank you for sharing!!! As a hospice nurse I have seen a great deal of loss and I often think of the parents who graciously granted me the privilege to share in their “before and after.” This site will be invaluable to many. Love to you xoxo


    • I imagine it’s pretty tough to do what you do, but i promise you, those nurses that are there are always remembered and appreciated. Thanks for doing what you do! Love to you too! 💜


  2. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to share with other parents and the world about my precious son, Vance.


    • Well please feel free to share whatever you are feeling. There is also a section to thank those that helped you through and a place to mention something (or things) you have done in Vance’s memory.


  3. Hi Karen! Your sister, my amazing and beloved friend Lynn, told me of your site here. Thank you for creating and sharing a loving place for bereaved hearts to land. My daughter Misty died at 35 years young on 8/1/2012 and my life (understandably) will never be the same. I have rediscovered bits of joy – but wholehearted hope can still be fleeting at best, and elusive on the worst days for me. Building community has become my biggest focus lately as my *before 8/1/2012* community has shrunk considerably. Connecting with other bereaved parents really helps. Again, much love and appreciation for you…thank you!


    • Oh Terri, I’m so sorry you have to be a member of this terrible club. My heart breaks for you! I’m so glad my sister led you here. She is amazing and I love her so much! She is so wise and has guided me thru some really tough times. Hope you can look around the site and share your daughter with us thru the Remembering, Thanks and Rising Above pages. I am just now creating a Facebook page as well. There are lots of groups out there, but Rising Above’s focus will always be about staying hopeful and positive. Hugs to you! 🎈


  4. Rising Moment – Since Misty’s death and in her honor I have become a Compassionate Bereavement Care Facilitator to counsel and Mentor other bereaved parents. My personal rising moment is how much my heart has grown in compassion and empathy. I do RAOK (random acts of kindness) in her memory on her birthday and anniversary dates.

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