Heart on Beach
We all have precious memories of our children.  Sometimes, they are the only thing that sustains us.  Please share something about your child.  It can be anything that brings you comfort. 

6 Comments on “Remembering…..

  1. Thank you for sharing your story. I love that you have created this. You are going to help so many parents who have lost a child. ❤️


  2. Thank you Karen for doing this!!! Your right if not for memories I know I could go on. I think of your Nick and my Nick all the time. I love looking at all my pictures of Nick with his brothers. I still can see Nick coming in the kitchen door and him saying “ woman I’m home”. He knew I would I turn and say don’t call me that I’m your mom. And then he would smile and so would I. He would just do this to make sure, I knew he was home. I miss hearing him call me that.


  3. My Beautiful Son Sam lost his battle with depression and lost his life to Suicide October 15th, 2015. 2 years and 3 months marker since Sam died. He was Brilliant, Compassionate and Funny Beyond Words. He cared so much about Others he Devoted his much too short life to Serving the Underserved. He donated his time to Homeless Vets, Legally Representing those who couldn’t afford Representation and spread Joy everywhere he went. I will Remember him and Love him until my Last Breath. XOXO Alice 💜


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